Breaking Out of the Pack

The conference and convention marketing business is a competitive one for cities.  They are often are given only a few minutes to market against many other visitors bureaus and the audience sees very similar booth graphics and brochures over and over (yawn.)

Jeff Hendricks, Executive Director of the Decatur (IL) Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, was very aware of this problem and lit up when he saw the iPad shuffle that the Iona Group had developed shortly after iPads were released.

“Now that’s how we can break out of the pack at a big trade show.  I want one,” Jeff said.  Iona worked with Jeff to create a custom version of the 3 iPad sleight of hand presentation that told the Bureau’s basic story using graphic movement, music, video and narration.

Jeff reports that the new presentation is so successful that attendees are seeking out his booth at trade shows, “We heard that we have to come see what you guys are doing.  Show us.”

“Standing out has been a big problem in the past.  Now, it is much easier to get noticed and start the essential one on one conversation,” Hendricks said.  “Our stakeholders are also really pleased with the new approach and feel excited about being part of this marketing effort.”

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