Since our founding in 1984, we have been driven by a common purpose. The following 4 Cs represent our ongoing attempt to seek a balance and to actively demonstrate with our thoughts, words and actions those things for which we are profoundly grateful.

Be recognized for
delivering superior value
Be a vibrant organization
that is passionate
about what we do
Be a best place to work, strengthened by
outstanding people
Be a compassionate
organization that serves
We are here to serve the client by delivering measurable value. For more than twenty years, we have served our clients by providing exceptional creativity in all that we do.We are passionate about achieving ‘Exceptional Creativity in All Things.’ We have remained steadfast to our core principles as we continue to help our clients achieve their goals.We really do enjoy bringing our best creativity to each client. We are fortunate to be able to use our talents to learn and grow by working with great clients.We believe that being a truly successful company carries with it certain duties and responsibilities. As a team, we not only uphold our commitments to our clients, but also to the communities in which we live and work.
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Who We Are

The Iona Group consults with Fortune 500 companies to create targeted interactive experiences.

We are experts in helping our industry-leading clients connect their audiences with their messages by creating the best media solutions.