For over two decades Iona has followed our time-tested and proven 4D Process. By following the 4D Process, we have been able to deliver countless projects on time, on target and on budget.

During the Define Phase, the technical and functional requirements that meet the scope are identified and documented. The metrics for success are detailed.The Design Phase is focused on drafting, revising and approving the key design documents. The “look and feel” of the end product is created and approved.During the Develop Phase, all of the elements are built according to the design, instructional, functional and technical specifications of the design documents.The Deliver Phase is where the solution is delivered and implemented. Documentation is produced that allows the client to provide internal support as appropriate.
Key Deliverables 

  • Functional Specifications
  • Technical Specifications
  • Research
  • Project Plan
  • Success metrics
Key Deliverables 

  • User Interface
  • Functional Design
  • Technical Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Content Design
Key Deliverables 

  • Alpha Version
  • Beta Version
  • Quality Testing
Key Deliverables 

  • Release Candidate
  • Results Measurement
  • Support Documentation
  • Support
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Who We Are

The Iona Group consults with Fortune 500 companies to create targeted interactive experiences.

We are experts in helping our industry-leading clients connect their audiences with their messages by creating the best media solutions.